Ankush FF Free Fire Id&Uid Number And Wikipedia Bio

Ankush FF Free Fire ID Number, Real Name, Age, Phone Number, Free Fire UID Number, Face,Photo Instagram Wikipedia Biography 2022

Hello Guys so today i am going to write biography on Ankush FF and here i will explain all the things like idu id episode rate and youtube channel set of Ankush Safed and i will try to give you full details

Who is Ankush FF

Ankush FF is the Legendary player of Free Fire and he is the only C player and has about 1.91 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and or his second channel, the original channel has been taken over by his friend and here I will share all his information

Ankush FF Real Name Details 

Real NameAnkush
ProfesstionYouTube, Game
Home TownNot know

Ankush FF Date of Birth And Age And More

Date Of Birth1998
Hair Colour   Black & Yellow
Eyes ColourBlack
Height6.5 -7.7

Ankush FF Education And relationships Status 

EducationNot Known
Married StatusNot Married

Ankush FF Free Fire Id & UID Details 

Id NameAnkush FF
Uid Number241375963
Id Total Like99999+
id Level87

Ankush FF Free Fire id Profile Bio

Higher badge  Buy506
Lower badge Buy245
Current Renk   3729 Heroic
CS Renk  Heroic 59
Battle StyleGuerrilla, playmaker
Social Style      trendsetter,Newbin
Device  PC

Ankush FF Id State KD Ratio,Headshot Rate Etc.

Solo Royal Match State

Top 10569
Top 10 Rate57.19%
KD Ratio3.20
AVG Distance Traveled3.49Km
AVG Survival Time“09”56″
Most kill In Match19
AVG Damage per Match843
Headshot Rate28.88%

Battle Royal Duo Stat

Top 52048
Top 5 Rate62.01%
KD Ratio6.33
AVG Distance Traveled4.22Km
AVG Survival Time“12”17″
Most Kill In Match22
AVG Damage Per Match1403
Headshot Rate24.56%

Battle Royal Quad Stat

Top 517547
Top 5 Rate60.51%
KD Ratio7.65
AVG Distance Traveled4.06 km
AVG Survival Time“11”44″
Most Kill in Match32
AVG Damage Per Match1734
Headshot Rate24.12%

Ankush FF Guild Details

Guild NameN G U
Guild Id3013068676
Guild Leader M4dara 07
Style Casual
Region india,Haryana

Top 5 Game Friends List

  • Tonde Gamer
  • Shekhar
  • Sanam bhai
  • Sunny Bhai
  • Abhishek Yt

Top 5 Five rate Gun List

  • Mp40
  • M1014
  • M1887
  • Thomas
  • Ump

Ankush FF Contact Number 

Email IdNot Known
Mobail Number84XXXXXX46

Ankush FF Sensitivity & Other Settings

General 86
Red Dot98
2x Scope99
4x Scope98
Sniper Scope97
Free Look96
Aim PrecisionDefault

Ankush FF Gamer Channel Stat 

Total Subscribe1.81 Million
Viral Videos View 3.9 Million
First Video Date 22 Apr 2021
Channel Create Date 11 Mar 2021
Total Channel Video206
Total Channel View99 Million

Ankush FF Real Id Proof 

Ankush Vlogs Channel Stat 

Total Subscribe109k
Viral Videos View 144k
First Video Date 1 Jul 2021
Channel Create Date 24 jun 2021
Total Channel Video10
Total Channel View392 406

Social Media Accounts List

  • You Tube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Discord
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DiscordClick Now

You must know that B2k  is considered to be the best player of free fire and he plays his game in Meena Sarwar, he used to play very raspy gameplay but in India no player used to make videos with lamps, then Ankush was FF’s PC player and he On How To Rush Gameplay Videos Your

The gameplay of Ankush FF was similar to that of B2k that’s why Ankush FF had a lot of fans in India and PC play like b2k was still in India so we some Ankush FF became very popular

Then suddenly Ankush FF was spider for about 4.9 minutes and with him his friend changed the name of his account and also changed the name of his ID and he was taken to the channel by the friend and he asked for help from all over YouTube and He had to make a news channel for him and he had to name that channel Ankush FF

Right now there is another channel of Ankush FF and I will try to show you all the status of their channel here, if you want to know about the real YouTube channel account of Ankush FF, then I have written another article on them you are given below. You can read by clicking on the link

Ankush FF Monthly Income Report

Where I have used the social blank website to know the monthly income of Ankush FF, the amount of income will show here and I have converted here to Usd to.inr, I have some income may be up and down

All the information I am giving here, I have not believed about income or my own income, here according to the website, I am showing here only by converting dollar to end

On this website the monthly income of Ankush FF is made at least 1.4 and maximum is 15000$ dollars, if we convert it to ionization then at least 115000 and maximum 14 Lakh Rupees is made at least Less and more it means monthly income is made within these two numbers.

If we Ankush FF  1 year income becomes 17000.77$ and it is minimum and maximum becomes 274.15$ If we convert this to NR then around 16.7 lakh is minimum and maximum 1.86 Crore Rupees is made

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