Free Fire Custom Room Card hack 100% Working Trick

How to hack free fire custom room card, then we will first know what is custom room, what is custom room card, best know the basic Best Free Fire Room Card Hack Generator 2021

Best Free Fire Room Card Hack Generator 2021

Custom ROOM in free fire helps us as we like custom room is like a karoon in which you and other person can join and start a game and play together but it has advanced features you get everything advance  Hai Unlimited Call Unlimited Grenade Everything Option Get Very Advance

 So how to take custom card in free fire, I can tell you in two ways how to do it by hacking and you have many options on the link below, you can see you want free or one you want.  can go recording

How To Get Free Custom Room Card

So I will tell you two ways to get a custom card in fire itself, by which you can cut custom, the only way is that you can get a custom card by topup, a custom card will cost you a hundred diamonds, it would have been a huge amount.  If you go to give, then you will get only one custom card in a hundred diamonds for about 80 rupees.

Another way is that with the help of Guild, you can get a custom card for free, if you know that you go to Gold and click on Tournament below it, then out of the points you have to earn, you will earn 1800  If you reach till then you get the custom card for free, you do not have to do anything

 My third way is that when the regional battle comes during free fire, in our game then you get a room card for free, along with we get the remote and we also get the name change card for free, in that you have to do the same thing.  It happens that we have to collect points and we get

Right now an event is going on in free fire in which we are getting custom card for free, the name of that essay is du dynamic uranium what to do, you have to invite your friend and link it together i.e. do it together after that  You have to play games with them you can play any game but after collecting points in it you keep on unlocking the level you will get a custom card and many other records like changing name and a female bundle  you will get it for free

Free Fire Custom Room Card Hack Trick

First of all, you have to find the kill which is of level 3 or 4, with the help of this, you must have created your own ide which is fake, you have to become a Guild admin and add your Id’s so that you will get custom  You can get room, if you add 10 audios to one Guild, then you will get about 10 room cards, similarly you can get unlimited custom rooms by creating multiple free fire id, this is a legal way

So let me tell you, if you do not know what is the setting of Unlimited Gull Woal and Unlimited Amo, then let me tell you, first of all you have to go by practical

How to Create Unlimited Gull Woal Custom Match

Follow My Step By Step

  • first open the game
  • By clicking on it you have to go to Custom
  •  Cash code mode has to be selected
  • You have to enable the setting like given in the photo below.
  • First of all you have to give No to Limited M.O.
  • To increase the coin from 500 to 1500 gold
  •  You have to increase them to Round to 13

 After doing just these settings, you can enjoy the game with Unlimited Gull Woal And Unlimited Ammo

Free Fire Room Card Hack Generator

How to Work Free Fire Room Card Hack Generator = Use the Free Fire Custom Room Card Hack Generator & Create Unlimited Custom Room for Lifetime

How to Get Free Fire Room Card For Free

Use The Free Fire Custom Room Card Hack Generator And Get Unlimited Room And Use Unlimited Time For Generator For Free Fire

How to use free fire room Card Hack Generator

Write Free Fire Room Card Generator And Then Install Free Fire Unlimited Room Card Using Unlimited Time


To get free custom card click on custom room card generator and generate unlimited room card for free

Use generator generator to get unlimited diamond or unlimited room card

use custom cards in free fire the same you can use one be one with your friends use custom cards to play with your audience on youtube

I am telling you a free trick to get unlimited free custom cards, first of all add your ID to your guild, which is your fake ID, keep adding it and you will get custom cards for free

If you do not know what is a dog tag, then use a dog tag as a point in a Guild, with the help of that point you can get a custom card, if you have 1800 dog tag, then you can get a custom card for free

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