Hello guys, today I will tell you the biography of DJ Alok, the popular character of Free Fire.

Free Fire Dj Alok Character

All the information of DJ Alok is given on the table below.

DJ Alok Biography   

[ Name ]     :-   [ Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo ]

[ Birthday Date ] :- [ August 26, 1991 (age 29 ]

[ Born ]       :-     [ Golanla, Golás, Brazil ]

[ Occupation ]    :- [Musician ] [ DJ record ] [producer]

[ Weight ]    :- [ 78Kg ]

[ Professtion ]   :-   [ Singer ]

[ Height ]   :-    [ 5,10 ]

[ Marriage Status ]     :- [ Yes ]

[ Children ] :-     [ 2 ]

So I want to tell you that the best character in Free Fire is DJ Alok’s best thing is its ability is that it increases HP, whenever you add a character, you get a round icon below. When you press it,

you will get a light start and by starting the light which increases according to your HP level, if your level is at 1 level then the HP you will increase will increase from about 15 to 25 HP if your DJ Alok increases from 50 to 60 hp at six levels, and Alok’s specialty is that a cold drink is formed all around him and when you get that ability by starting, then your speed is also increased.

Not only this, when you start the light and your friend who is in his ring comes, then he also has the same plus HP as his fellow HP will increase when someone is running on his way. Also if you use the power of light, you can run faster

So here I will tell you how you can take a different DJ character in Garina Free Fire, I will tell you everything step by step here.

How To Buy Dj Alok Character In Game

1- You have to open your game first

2 – After that you have to click on Store at the top

3- Your default will be selected in normal, in its side, you will see many options below, from which you will get the option of character.

4 – You have to go down a bit and you will find DJ Alok

5- Then you have to type on the purchase and you will get DJ Alok.(599 Dimoand)

Can you listen to the famous song of DJ Alok, I can hear you playing below, the best of which is the song given below.

FREE FIRE DJ ALOK Social Media Accounts Link

And where I will give you the link of DJ Alok’s Facebook Instagram and the board, with the help of which you can see the photo of Alok

Instagram      Link

twitter          Link

DJ ALOK Character Advantages

There are lots of advantages. And Disadvantage is nothing DJ Alok but let me talk to you, the character of DJ Alok is the one we get from Diamond but a lot of our friends cannot pop up like that and their parents who have small children. Do not allow to put money in such games, so if they get another free character like

DJ ALOK Character Disadvantage

DJ Alok then they can be very good which improves their game and that’s why I want you to have the same ability as DJ Alok in other free characters I will get you the name of that character is A124. The specialty of this character is that when you have EP, it will automatically convert to HP and I will tell you here that you will need EP to convert HP. But

you will get prepaid in one character, macule in that character, you have not been able to select the ability, you will not know that in free fire you can use four characters nail in one character, then you can easily with macule in it You can collect when you kill a macule Whenever you get your macule character which is of max level, then you will get 100 EPs together, after that you have to give you a character. Taking it, you have to activate the skill of the character, after that you will get Automatecly HP.

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