Free Fire Lost Guest Account Support Trick 100% Working

Free Fire Lost Guest Account Support

Today we will know how you can recover Free Fire Lost Guest Account Support of Free Fire, so first of all you need to know some things that what is guest account.

What is the guest account

So, if you do not have a Gmail account, then you can use such a demo in Guest account, you will get a gift account in any game, you do not have to give any information in Twitter account.

Is Guest  account best for Free Fire, then I want to tell you that Twitter account is very useful to us when you have to play games because we do not know anything in starting and we play with Guest  account, that’s why Guest  account is many. Sometimes only one phone can login

No solution is given to you in the game in Free Fire, but I will tell you a trick so that you will be able to recover your Guest account in Free Fire, that too very soon.

Top 5 Trick For Recover Your Id

Here I will tell you about 5 tricks that you will be able to use in Free Fire, so that your account will be recovered.

Which is the first trick by which you will play the game with Guest account, in the same phone, if you lobby the guest account again, then the same account will be opened.

  1. But if you robin from another phone, then your second account will be full, in that the account which is in your other phone by default does not open because its my ip address and keep the device with free fire in your system so you have to separate the same account -Cannot open in different phone that’s why you get only one account for one phone
  2. The second way is that you can contact the customer support, in which you will have to give the UID which at the time of starting the game gives you Kareena Free Fire so that those people can recover your account.
  3. The third thing is, we will tell you how to recover which can be a hack, but in this you will have to give some personal information so that this website will help you in finding your account, then you give information by clicking on the link below and after that your account password You will get
  4. The fourth trick is that I want to tell you about an application of free fire game, with the help of which you will be able to turn on unlimited diamonds in free fire, with the help of which you will not have to use which account in free fire and it is fast. Will help to increase your diamonds because this generator is very easy to use and all pro players generate unlimited diamonds with the help of this trick
  5. Padma way is that if you don’t get gift account then you can login with new account if you don’t know how to login with account then I want to tell you first you have to type on gmail after that you can login to any Also, by clicking on the mail id, your account will be opened directly, in this new account you can take unlimited diamonds by using Fire Fire generator.

How to Find Free Fire Lost Guest Account

First of all you have to go to free fire and accept or go to support, after that you have to tell your love by typing on your uco account and seeing your uid, after that free fire time will reply you in front and try to solve your problem

How to Open Guest Account in Free Fire

In Free Fire if you play with Guest account then you have to login Guest account from the same phone with which account do you play the game because Kareena Free Fire saves your device ID in its system so that the same gift account will be available on your mobile Can’t open any other account

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