Free Fire Not On Play Store and Iphone Store How To Download Free Fire

Hello brother so today I will talk that Free Fire is deleted from play store and apps load in India or else we can assume that it has been removed from play store then how will you install free fire and here I will talk about why the free fire game is not running, on that too I have written an article today, you have to read it completely only then you will know how to shorten the problem.

First of all I will talk that Deepa is deleted or you can not download from play store then you can download Free Fire by clicking on my below link

Free fire game is not working in some mobile network issue is coming so I will tell how you can fix it

All the network Setting shows that are coming are coming on airtel sim only, it is not being seen in other sims.

If you have airtel sim card then you can start the game by going to mobile network by making slight changes in it axis net network. have to go then your game will run

If your Jio Simple is also facing the same problem, then this problem can also be of Free Fire’s server, it must have been banned in Free Fire, I think, but it can be very difficult to group it because Free Fire is like this. It can’t be banned because now more than a hundred users have downloaded in Free Fire.

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