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Sk Sabir Boss Id Number,Free Fire Uid,Real Name,photos,Income,Age,Kd State,Headshot Rate,Girlfriends,Mobail Number,Sensitivity Setting,Real Photos

Sk Sabir Boss Id : I want to tell you about the most popular and famous player of free fire, his name is Sk Sabir boss if you do not know who is Sk Sabir  boss then let me tell you Sk Sabir  boss one of the oldest players of free fire And

Sk Sabir Boss was the first to push Global Rank in India and he became the first player to become the first Global Rank push player of India and at that time his clothes were considered very Rera, here I have written full biography of Sk Sabir. must read it

Who is Sk Sabir Boss.

SK Sabir Boss is the oldest player of Free Fire and is the creator of gaming content in Free Fire and he uploads his videos on YouTube and has been the first Global Push player of Sabir Boss India, now he has 4.8 million subscribers on YouTube. youtube channel owner

Sk Sabir Boss Real Name Details 

Real NameSheikh Sabir
NickNameSk Sabir
Professtion YouTube, Game
Language Hindi,English
Hobbies Gaming
Home TownKolkata
Nationality Indian

Date of Birth And Age And More

Date Of Birth 1996
Hair Colour   Black
Eyes ColourBlack
Height6.5 -7.7
Wight 65+

Education And relationships Status 

Education Not Known
Married Status Single
Girlfriends 1

Sk Sabir Boss Id & UID Details 

Id NameSᴋ᭄Sᴀʙɪʀᴮᴼˢˢ
Uid Number 55479535
Id Total Like99999
id Level 87

Sk Sabir Boss id Profile Bio

Higher badge  2507
Lower badge 1001
Current Renk    12500 * Grandmaster *
CS Renk  Heroic 18
Battle StyleGuerrilla, Uncrowded
Social Style      trendsetter,Newbin
Device  Mobail

Sk Sabir Boss Id State KD Ratio,Headshot Rate Etc.

Solo Royal Match State

Top 10475
Top 10 Rate27.14%
KD Ratio2.46
AVG Distance Traveled5.46Km
AVG Survival Time“05”22″
Most kill In Match30
AVG Damage per Match613
Headshot Rate25.72

Battle Royal Duo Stat

Top 51279
Top 5 Rate40.01%
KD Ratio4.43
AVG Distance Traveled3.32 Km
AVG Survival Time9″35
Most Kill In Match23
AVG Damage Per Match940
Headshot Rate17.00%

Battle Royal Quad Stat

Top 516395
Top 5 Rate46.71%
KD Ratio5.11
AVG Distance Traveled3 61km
AVG Survival Time10.21
Most Kill in Match37
AVG Damage Per Match1377
Headshot Rate16.65%

Guild Details

Guild NameBoss
Guild Id60015463
Guild Leader JIGS
Style Casual
Region india,Haryana

Top 5 Game Friends List

  • Jigs
  • Shekhar
  • Sudip Sarkar
  • Sunny Bhai
  • Ravindra Gaming

Top 5 Five rate Gun List

  • Mp40
  • M1014
  • M1887
  • Thomas
  • Ump

Contact Number 

Email Id Not Known
Mobail Number 77XXXXXX89

Sensitivity & Other Settings

General 100
Red Dot100
2x Scope100
4x Scope100
Sniper Scope100
Free Look90
Aim PrecisionDefault

Sk Sabir Gaming Channel Stat 

Total Subscribe4.8 Million
Viral Videos View 8.8 Million
First Video Date 21 sep 2019
Channel Create Date 13 April 2017
Total Channel Video329
Total Channel View222 Million

Real Id Proof 

Sk Sabir Boss Interesting Fact

  • First Global Rank Push was done in Indian
  • Most Liked Free Fire ID
  • Free Fire Highest Like ID 99999
  • free Fire old player
  • Free Fire’s Most Famous Player
  • Most demanded player

Social Media Accounts List

Social Media Account Link

Instagram Click Now
Booyah Click Now

Family Background

If we talk about the family background of Sk Sabir , then there are total 6 members in its white family, in them there are six members including mother and father, two sisters and two brothers, now Sk Sabir  boss is 25 or 26 years old, its all add’s birth date. So don’t know but birthday year head is 1996

Sk Sabir  Boss Free Fire was launched, after that after 1 month he knew with the help of Facebook the free fire game has been launched and he started playing that game after 1 month

You must know that why Sk Sabir  Boss is popular in India because the first person in India who was representing India in Global he also used to come in top number in Rank, at that time no Indian player did not do global force. That’s when the Sk Sabir  boss topped the global first time and he worked very hard to push the global, he used to play day and night.

Its all posted global in season 10 he was number one ranked player

Why Sk Sabir Boss Join Boss Guild.

How did Sk Sabir come to the boss kyul, I want to tell you when Sk Sabir was not the boss but topping the job in season 10, then a guy named Shekhar was also pushing the ranks with him. Sk Sabir  and Sikar Bhai were friends in the game and Shekhar Brother was very cute, after that Shekhar Bhai got Jigs Bhai contacted because Jigs Boss was the owner of Guild, that’s because at that time Boss was first or second in Weakly Glory, every time the top most Glory player used to do lullaby after that Jigs did his contact with Sk Sabir  and he offered them over phone to join Guild and assuming Sk Sabir  after that the name Sk Sabir  Boss became so popular

How to Sk Sabir Boss Start You Tube Channel

When he topped the global in Season 10 in Free Fire, his name had become very popular, after that many brothers had created YouTube channel of Sk Sabir  Gaming which was a fake YouTube channel, after that everyone had to make their own gaming channel. Because a YouTube channel was being made on the square, it was not the official YouTube channel of Sk Sabir and the information that he was giving was wrong and it could have spoiled the name of Sk Sabir boss, that’s why its all joined youtube Was

Sk Sabir  Boss also became popular because of his clothes because the clothes he wore at the time of season 10 were very red and no guy was in such clothes, there were very few players when he used to wear that clothes. The most powerful item out of them was his hair style and mask, both of which were very red items, in today’s time, Sk Sabir  clothes are very easily available, due to which any person becomes Sk Sabir  by writing the name of Sk Sabir and It becomes very difficult to recognize the real player

Sk Sabir Monthly Income Report

Hello how are you, here I tell you about the monthly income of all such posts and all the information I am going to give here is going to be given with the help of a website, so here I can not give you Hundred Percent Accurate. There can be so much income, SK Sabir Boss’s income can be up or down here.

I am going to use social bland website to go to Sk Sabir Boss Monthly Income, on this website you can see monthly income on any YouTube and here income of 1 year will also be available here.

First of all, if we know about the monthly income, then this website has told that in all its months, at least $ 485 and maximum $ 7200 make an income, if we do Norwegian when we come to USA, then so many rupees are made. Minimum Rs.36000 and maximum Rs.540000 is made.

If we take out the income of such white for 1 year, then they become at least 5800 USD and the maximum is made about 92 thousand US dollars, if we convert dollars into pomegranate, then they become around 3 35 lakhs and more 69 Lakh Rupees is made

In an interview, SK Shabbir had revealed his monthly income, he said that I can get two iphone 11 in 1 month, I earn from youtube for so much money, you can calculate that how much is the price of iphone 11 SK Shabbir Boss Earn in a month, now their income would have been more than 5 iPhone XI

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