How to Free Fire Cash Quad Renk Push Fast For Tips And Trick (2022)

How to Free Fire Cash Quad Renk Push Fast For Tips And Trick (2022)

You can see my profile, this is my Cash Quad Renk’s profile

Free Fire Cash Quad renk Push Trick

 Here I have told you to show how you can push your cash Quad Renk and I will tell you here that you can use your gun, I will help you to push the rank.

 So first of all, we know which character you have to play with. You can have DJ Alok. You have Chrono. Whatever you can go with both these characters, DJ Alok is very important for you because he lets you increase your speed a lot.  You have to keep Joseph’s speed active with him, Dash and Carolina said that you have to keep these three skills of this game active in your DJ light or you can use it in Chrono or you can not use these skills personally.  Use

 Now the second thing comes, which gun should you take? I use M4A1, Scar, Ak47, M1014, m1887, Thomson and vector in my favorite gun in Cash Quad Renk.

 Always I use M4A1 and Scar very much, I always play in the Long Range, I go to the Shrot Range only when the last June starts, I can see in my profile that my photo has a 40.23% headshot rate.

 Most of my headshots seem to be from the M4A1 and the second one is Thomson or m1887.


 If you want to increase or maintain your headshot rate, then in every game you have to put two or three headshots to a minimum, that is, if you make around 6 kills in a match, then you have to kill 3 then headshot itself.  Should come, if you do not have any headshot in the second match, then your headshot rate will come down


 So you will know that whenever you play you get the option of KDA, the option of KD comes that the friend is very important in your profile, from KD you can know how much KD will be in it, you know very well if  If you do not want, then I will tell you how to increase or decrease KD.

 The decree of KD is when you lose a MATCH. If KD is reduced too much. When you do booyah, then KD will grow very well. You have to increase your KD, then you always have to win your match.

 If you always have to do Booyah in Cash Quad Renk then you will always have to play with your friend by forming a team because when you play with the random player, both your play and headshot rate will be down because some players do not play so well in random player.  If you have to maintain your headshot and KD then always play with your friends KD, then you will not come down

Best Gun To Use Cash Quad renk

 If you consider my opinion, you can always go with Cupid Scar, M4A1 or Ak47 in the long range and in Cash Quad Renk you can go with Thomson, M1014 and M1887 in the short range and my best Gun is the Vector Forever.  I play with TWO VECTOR but in it you are very limited in charge of the headshot rate, so I use it very less, mostly I play with the always M1887.

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