How To Top Up For Friend Airdrop In 2 Minutes

How to top up for friend airdrop In 2 Minutes

Today I will tell you How To Top Up For Friend Airdrop In 2 Minutes, so first of all let me tell you if you want to do top up in free fire then you will need net banking and if you don’t have then you can top up can’t

First Use Net Banking Is On Your Phone

If your friend has got an offer of ₹ 10 airdrop, then what should you do, I will give you all the detail information here, then definitely rate the difference article, if you miss some things here then you can not complete a drop off you will find

So let me tell you that if your friend does not have net banking, then what can you do, then what you have to do, let me tell you, first of all you have to go to free fire, have your account, log out that call and your Jo Friend’s account, you have to open free fire account in your phone and there you only have to pay, if you do just that, then your address offer will be completed.
If you want more information to get your friend’s address, then if you have any problem by clicking on the link given below, then I have written a detailed article on this.

There can be many reasons for your friend, with the help of which your friend is not able to top up in free fire, then you can help him because if his age is too low to go, then he has no one. If you will not have a bank account so that he can make online payment, then let me tell you how can you be eligible in this, at the age of 17, you will not have any network account, that is, you could not even have an ATM card, then you will have to pay Paytm if you If you use, then you can easily help him by transferring money to that person’s account and by going there you can generate a Google code of ₹ 1, that is, if you have got an offer of ₹ 10, then you have done so this time. You have completed the offer but the next time when a new offer comes, you have to speak again to that person, it will make that person very irritated because again and again you tell him that I got the offer to get my recharge done. Two have to say so, with the help of that the person becomes related, so that’s why you generate a court of hundred rupees, then you will tell that code to you. Know how to apply on your email id, he will direct you in allotment itself, you will make your payment in one button in free fire

Use Wallet App For Payment

So first of all you have to go to Paytm Wallet, you have to search in the top, you have to search Google pay and you are in the top that means when the icon of Google Play Console will come, you have to type that you have to type from Hundred to 5000. You will be able to generate your code, but you have to generate the code of minimum hundred, after that you have to keep in mind that if you generate this code, then you will not be able to get this amount back, you have to keep this thing in mind. If you do not have a refund, then you will have to pay according to your thinking, after that you will get the message, after that you will start showing the court, all that will be in capital letter to you, going there you have to copy the code and I will tell you that to the court. If you have to use it like this, then first you have to come to the Google Play Store by typing on the home, there you will see three dots in the corner, you will see 3dot in the corner, go there and open you that down the road. The option will come, you have to click on the setting, after clicking on the setting, a new tab will open, go there. After doing you will get the option of promo code of promo code or driver redeem code, you have to paste the redeem code there and you will select your email id there or you have to see on which id your google account is currently selected on that only You have to consider the best, if not the second one is selected, then you have to check it on which you have to do it and after going there you have to paste and submit, after submitting, you have to confirm the confirmation and whatever your balance will be ODI, it will start sleeping. In ok google account and after that you can easily top up in free fire or any team

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