Lokesh Gamer Free Fire Id Number,Uid,Monthly income,relationship Status,Mobail Number, Latest Information 2022

Lokesh Gamer Free Fire Id,

Todat i Am write a article In Free Fire id Number Lokesh Gamer is the content creator of Free Fire and wants to be known in the name of Badge King in Free Fire too Because in Free Fire the most badge Purchase in India is Lokesh Gamer Lokesh Gamer Free Fire Id,Uid,Monthly income,relationship Status,Mobail Number, Latest Information 2022

Who Is Lokesh Gamer?

Hello Guys So today I am going to talk about Lokesh Gamer Who is Lokesh Gamer here I can tell here Lokesh Gamer comes across top 10 youtube of free fire and he is a gaming creator who upload his videos on youtube and his Current subscriber current is 14 million and in free fire he is known as badge king

Lokesh Gamer Details

NameLokesh Raj Singh
Nickname Lokesh,raj
HobbiesYouTube, Free Fire
Date Of Birth2000
Home TownHariyana
Height“5”5″- “6”7″
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack
EducationNot Known

The ID of Free Fire Lokesh Gamer is given, here I will show you all their states with the help of a table and you will also be able to check their KD and headshot rate

Lokesh Gamer Free Fire Id,

Lokesh Gamer Free Fire Id & Uid Details

Game Id Name LokeshGamer7
UID Number 220528068
ID Level64
Higher badge Buy50019
Lower badge1459
Id Total Like8200+
Current Renk1870 ( Gold )
CS RenkNot play

Lokesh Gamer Guild Details

Guild NameLokesh Gamer
Guild Id61158849
Guild LeaderLokesh Gamer

Lokesh Gamer Sensitivity & Other Settings

Red Dot100
2x scope 100
4x scope 100
Sniper Scope 95
Free Look100
Aim PrecisionDefault

Lokesh Gamer Relationship Status & Mobail Number

Marriage StatusUnmarried
Mobail Number90XX44XX65

Lokesh Gamer Whatsapp Number

Whatsapp Number 89XXXXXX88
Home Number 76XXXXXX77
Mobail For Girlfriends 89XXXXXX79

Lokesh Gamer Favourite Think

ActorSaru Khan,Salman Kan
ActressPriyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone
FoodNot Known
Food habitsNot Known
FilmNot Known
Favourite Live PlatformsYou Tube
SportVideo Games

Hello Guys, why is Lokesh Gamer called Noob in Free Fire, today I will tell you, let me tell you that if you see the ID of Lokesh, then add you to Lokesh Gamer’s ID, not more than 20% to see Because people don’t upload videos of scammer headshots or frank camp, they only upload videos that complete their events in free fire coming new event on their youtube channel and with the help of social media they only upload the most in their id He focuses on topping up most of the time, he doesn’t make most of the gameplay videos.

This is the reason why Lokesh Gamer is called New in Free Fire because even if you go to his profile, you will still see the ID of a normal player who does Gameplay  Normal player but Lokesh Gamer  Most of the investment in his ID is he. Send it and do a lot of shopping on your id i.e. do more purchases, and when you see their likes, their likes are more, not around 8200, not more than that, that’s why the biggest NoobLokesh Gamer of Free Fire is called

Many times you must have seen that Lokesh used to act like an Anoop every day, that is, when he makes a video, he calls the parachute a backpack and he parachutes the backpack, that’s why he has become a lot of memes and many others. All the videos have also been made but they don’t care, they make their own videos.

Why Lokesh Gamer Forums In YouTube?

Many times Lokesh Gamer  does some notes-like actions, because of this he comes in the eyes of the audience on YouTube and his subscriber also increases because he does such a thing people as he gets famous on YouTube every day and his subscriber keeps on changing

Who is the richest noob in free fire?

Here the 2 factor you should know that who is the richest noob in free fire do all this, the first reason is that he knows that the mistake I make in this video will make a video on me, if my video is made on me then those people on my YouTube channel more Will search more than me and i will get subscribed The second factor is that they are really free fire they have no idea of ​​any game item that what it is called this may also be the reason because they are mostly so together he can’t remember many things

For this reason, the biggest example of this Global Peace Lokesh Gamer has become infamous, you can dial Ampros, a video is also available on his YouTube and you can go and watch it, if you do not see it on YouTube, I will give you a link below.

This Noob  has impacted the low globaly image of Lokesh Gamer when Lokesh was bought with the most money in the global, then Dylan Pros is a name in Free Fire which is number one globally in Free Fire all season. This guy because Dylan Pros he had more than 10 million subscribers at that time and our Lokesh Bhaiya had gone to get them in the case of Badges, so when Lokesh Gamer  bought around 10035 Badges together and his name in Global Number one had come then Dylan Pros was ego hurt that how Indian creator is going to number one in global then Dylan Pros he bought 50000 Badges at the same time visited his Dylan Pros Lokesh Gamar  YouTube channel and he Found that

Lokesh Gamer understood the backpack code as parachute and parachute as backpack and Safbord also understood that pack pack many times, he noticed that there is a noob in Free Fire and Dylan Pros made a video and uploaded it to YouTube. Lokesh Gamer was defamed internationally i.e. globally And they also put a video of 1 day and our Lokesh’s Daylan Pros challenge and Lokesh Bhaiya accepted, and he also played a match and lost our Lokesh’s death because the mobile player in front was our Lokesh Gamer PC player Even then he could not beat Dylan Pros because Dylan Pros does not play play games but he had a little more game skill in Lokesh Gamer Comparison, so friends, I want to say that first, when you are on a big platform, then you should have a little bit of your gameplay. You should also improve because your audience is subscribed to you because you know some gameplay, it is considered good. Gameplay should be good in free fire

Lokesh gamer lost to Dylan Pros then many youtube creators made videos and they gave some reviews to lokesh gamer not lokesh gamer they did not give any answer because Lokesh gamer was very hurt and he won by lampros in vs. wanted but if he was not there, our Indian player was also defamed. The other country also thought that there would be many other creators like Lokesh Gamer but friend it is not like that all the people are not the same, if Lokesh had died then Rape Iskils would have improved. So he would have definitely defeated Lokesh Gamer too.

When this controversy happened, Lokesh gamer case scriber was close to four millenniums and dialogue men who were at 11 million on Badkari, so you sittee you should not have accepted a big youtube badka challenge because he has inserted you so much Had he not been able to do more than that, if he had stayed here, then there would not have been much slander of the Indian player, you should respect the creators read and they should proceed with understanding in a joking manner.

Lokesh Gamer Monthly income report

I had taken the suggestion of a website to make Lokesh Gamer’s earning report, this website is Social Plant Social Black, a very big website, here I get the estimate act morning report of all the YouTube channels of YouTube to go a lot. Making Earning Report of Lokesh Gamer

Whatever I will put here in the earnings report, it will be only in the form of a human moment. Exactly if you expect so much income then it will not be right to expect so

If we consider Lokesh Gamer’s Monthly Earning the lowest is 9.2k and the maximum goes up to 147.88k If we convert USD to INR then this amount is 6.38 Lakhleast and maximum is 1.35 Crore

If we take 1 year income of Lokesh gamer then it becomes almost 110k USD goes up to maximum one million dollar 110k USD minimum and maximum goes up to 1 million

If we do USD when it comes to Nar, then that income comes out to be around Rs.800000 and the maximum is made about Rs.16 crores.

But this income is Lokesh Kumar’s YouTube income but Lokesh Gamer also earns from YouTube through sponsorship and many other Income Sources Lokesh Gamer earns like Instagram Facebook I did not add all this social media earnings here.

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