Most Popular Total Gaming Id Number (Ajjubhai94),Kd State,real name,Income, Girlfriends,Hobbies And More

 Most Popular Total Gaming Id Number (Ajjubhai94),Kd State,real name,Income, Girlfriends,Hobbies And More 2022

Today we will talk about Total Gaming Honor Ajju Bhai, let me tell you that Ajju Bhai is a very big Free Fire streamer and every child in India knows him.

Who Is Ajjubhai (Ajjubhai94)

Ajjubhai94 is a free fire gaming creator who is currently a youtube channel with 31 million subscribers and is one of the top 10 men coming in the gaming industry.  Belong from Gujarat State

Total Gaming Details

Real NameAjju bhai
LanguagesGujarat, Hindi,
Birt Of DateNot Known
Home townNot Known
Hair ColourBlack
Eyes ColourBlack
Height“5”-7″ “7”8″
EducationNot Known

Total Gaming Family & Relatives

Father NameNot Known
Mother NameNot Known
Brother NameNot Known
Sister NameNot Known

Total Gaming Relationship Status & Mobail Number

Married StatusSingle
Mobail Number99XXXXXX89

Total Gaming Id State & Raistar Id & UID

Game NameAjjubhai94
Game UID451012596
Game Guild NameTG Mafia
Guild Leader NameNot Known
Game Favourite GunAwm

Total Gaming Real Id Ajjubhai94 Photo

On YouTube, you will not see any photo or full name related to Total Gaming because he has not given any information yet, so let me tell you, his name is Ajay and he is living in Surat, Gujarat.  And if I talk to him about him, he goes to an office, that is, he does a job, that’s all we have come to know and his fashion is that Ming and we have come to know some things from his education that he has got an engineer degree.  Huh

Total Gaming (Ajju Bhai) YouTube Earnings

Talking about total gaming, he has about 21 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and it is the most subscribed channel in free fire.  That is, 2 crores are 10 lakhs.

Ajju bhai ji you will see many friend videos on youtube so let me tell you ajju bhai most of the videos shoot frank videos ie they don’t do suits but make videos very well

 Today I will tell how you can know the real income of Ajju Bhai, how much you earn from YouTube, for this I will use Think Helpline, this is a website which helps us to see the revenue of any YouTube channel by clicking on the link.  you can see the revenue

Social Bland Total Gaming Eraning Revenue 

Social Bland has given us this data and in this we will calculate their monthly revenue, how much they make ion army 2 total their monthly revenue $ 76.9k Dollars O today’s panel rate is running around ₹ 73 and we will multiply them i.e. 55  Lakhs are made and we talk about 1.2 unions, if we multiply them by 73, then the link becomes 8 crore 76 lakh rupees.

And if we talk about the street, then Ajju Bhai’s 922k Dollar if we don’t convert them to ₹ 73, then they become 6 crore 73  laks, their highest income goes up to about 14.3 million dollars, if we convert them in Inr then 103 crores so much money  is made

Here the data of Social Blade shows us that we get to see low and high monthly revenue, the same revenue we have converted into Inr and we have used by converting the same.

 Ajju Bhai Profile

 And if we check the profile of Ajju Bhai in free fire game, then you will see his real profile in the photo below, you can see his UID and this will be the ID, only then you believe that this is Ashok Bhai, today many searches are happening that Ajju Bhai  In the name of gun’s idea, all the data of the user is being used for wrong work, some people should be saved,

Ajju Bhai never asks for the ID password of any fellow, he directly tops up his ID, there is already so much stuff in his ID.  That’s what they will do with your ID, which is 10 times more than the item that you have never purchased ie gun skin, they have

If we talk about Ajju Bhai’s Solo, he has played around 903 in Solo, though he has won 77 and Total Kill is 2205, if we talk about Headshot Rate, then his Headshot Rate is 31.85  Hey Ajju Bhai has played the most in a match in this 903 game.  In one match he has hit 17 Enemy in the game

Talking about Blue, chat is telling us that he has won about 307 out of 1649 games and he has scored the most kills during this period of about 6463 and his headset rate is 33.89  most matches during a game  The game that kills the most is 27.

If we talk about the squad, then Ajju Bhai has played 10766 matches, out of which he has won about 2665 rounds and the total kills he has made are around 39966 and his headshot rate is around 34.69% and he  He had killed about 29 people in one game.

Ajju Bhai Talking about KD, KD is around 2.77% in Solo, in Douu it is 3.5% and in Talk Squad it is 4.10 for Kot.

 Who Is Total Gaming Best Friend

Ajju bhai mostly plays with his coat, so most of the kills we get to see in the squad and today are a lot of people who play with their chords, they also play with the members who are on YouTube and those who are on YouTube.  They are popular, play with them and the name that comes on top is their best friend, their name is Amit Bhai, you search Amit Bhai is a very good YouTube creator that Ming is very good for him and he is a mobile user, then definitely support

 Ajju Bhai Photo

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